Cochrane Clinical Answers: Instant access to high-quality evidence

Get practical evidence for healthcare decision-making with Cochrane Clinical Answers, a new physician-focused resource from The Cochrane Library. Based on the high-quality evidence of Cochrane systematic reviews, this clinical support tool provides evidence-based answers when and where you need them most.

Each Cochrane Clinical Answer contains a clinical question, a short answer, and an opportunity to ‘drill down’ to the evidence from relevant Cochrane reviews. The evidence is displayed in a user friendly format, making it easy to find authoritative answers to your clinical questions. Cochrane Clinical Answers focuses on important patient-centered outcomes, enabling you to apply the results of Cochrane reviews in practice.

Cochrane Clinical Answers are developed using a rigorous process, ensuring that the information you access reflects the latest research. New questions are continually added to ensure broad coverage across a range of medical topics. This evidence-based resource is designed for access at the point of care, providing you with the highest-quality research for use in your daily practice.

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