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The Cochrane Library: Any format, any device, any time

Wiley is proud to announce the June 28 launch of our new enhanced HTML Systematic Review: Anywhere Systematic Review.

Today, more than ever, we need access to information that is immediate, clear and communicable. As a member of the scientific community we serve, you will know how important it is to have access to that data, whenever you need it, and wherever you are.

To read more information on the Anywhere SR, click here or take a look at a live review here.



A problem with the publication year field of Central records was identified recently. Some of you have noticed that when Central records are exported the year of publication is 2014 regardless of when it was first published. The records display correctly on CLib, e.g. Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research 2011;2(1):36-43 but when the record is exported, 2014 was appearing in the YR field rather than 2011. 

The problem arose because Metaxis are now passing a new online publication date to Wiley in preparation for the implementation of the search by online publication date feature in Wiley. This date/issue number lets users know when a Central record was first published in addition to providing the publication year from the original citation. For issue 3 and 4 this new date had been suppressed by Wiley, but it found its way into the exported version of Central records in Issue 5. 

We’d like to advise that as of Friday 20th June this problem has been corrected and exported records now all contain the correct year. 

When were records affected?: 1st May 2014 to 20th June 2014.

What should I do?: If you have run Central searches in Issue 4 or Issue 5 and exported the results some of these will have the incorrect value in the YR field, therefore they should be re-run now.


Also this month we have:

  • Successfully completed the upgrade of our search software to MarkLogic 6.
  • For searchers using the Review Group limits, the CENTRAL limits have been modified to exclude articles coming from the group’s hand searched records. 
  • On all Search pages, Search help link has been revised to make this more visible for users.
  • Publication Date label has been updated to Publication Year in the limits and corresponding areas of the search results to more accurately reflect the content. 
  • Enhancements to the automation of Gold Open Access - Automating which protocols and systematic reviews from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews should be set to "free" for any user under Gold Open Access rules.


The Cochrane Library under went downtime for scheduled maintenance on Saturday 7th June, at 10 AM (UK), for approximately 5 hours.

This is to upgrade the technology behind the Cochrane search feature, MarkLogic. 

When did the MarkLogic up-grade commence and finish?

Start: 10 am (UK) Saturday, 7th June 2014.

End: 3 pm (UK) Saturday, 7th June 2014. 

How long did the downtime take to complete?

The upgrade will take approximately 5 hours complete. 

How did the MarkLogic up-grade affect users?

User impact will occur from 10 AM BST, with a downtime of 5 hours, on Saturday 7th June, while the Wiley Online Library Release and Cochrane MarkLogic upgrade, are completed together.  

All Wiley Online Library & Cochrane Library pages will display a Maintenance Page.

After 3pm on Saturday 7th June, The Cochrane Library was back to normal usage.  – (Testing continued behind the normal user experience). 

If you have any questions then please contact

Wiley's Cochrane production system updated is to improve a number of outstanding issues.

  • German Translation text change
  • Flexible review types processing
  • Weight % colummn inclusion
  • GIV analysis inclusion
  • Diagnostic Test Accuracy review Plain Language Summary display


Withdrawn Protocols are currently retained inThe Cochrane Library.

Overview of searching the CDSR.

Start date End date Time period used for limits* Issues searched Issue name displayed in search results
1 March  1 April  TWO most recent issues  Feb + March 2014   Issue 3 of 12, March 2014
 “Issue updated daily throughout month”

* Limits: (1) Search CDSR AND limit to statuses: New, New Search, Conclusions Changed, Major Change; (2) Limit Search results to Current Issue.


Scheduled Maintenance

NEXT release activity FOR cochrane - COMMENCING Saturday 6th SEPT 2014.

The Cochrane Library will be undergoing downtime for scheduled maintenance on Saturday 6th September, at 10 AM (UK), for approximately 2 hours. 


If you do have any problems with access please contact

Due to the natural of technology and its development, it has become standard practice throughout many organisations to have regular, scheduled, updates to systems. By taking this approach, there is a reduced risk to functionality and other systems. Users can also plan to avoid usage during these maintenance periods.The dates below indicate an expectation of scheduled maintenance which may disrupt access and functionality of The Cochrane Library.(The standard schedule for developer activities commences at 10am (UK Time), and continue for 2 hours, though this is subject to change).These dates are subject to change.Notifications of the expected downtime will be sent out in the week prior to the expected downtime, to users on the Cochrane 'lists' (TSCs, MEs and Cochrane Library User Group).      

Scheduled: Saturday 10 am GMT

6th September 2014

6th December 2014

Record count for June Issue 2013

Total Records
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews*
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects
Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials
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Health Technology Assessment Database
NHS Economic Evaluation Database
About The Cochrane Collaboration†

* Comprises 6011 published reviews and 2358 protocols, of which 36 are new reviews, 37 reviews had a new search and 7 of those had conclusions changed, 45 new protocols and 2 updated protocol. There were no withdrawn reviews and 11 withdrawn protocols. Totalling 226 withdrawn reviews in CDSR.

**CMR  - The CMR database is currently not being updated as from the 31st May due to lack of funding for core activity. It is no longer supported by the UKCC. The plan is to draw together interested individuals to review the current format and focus of this database and consider options to take it forward. If this is of particular interest please contact Jackie chandler

† The Cochrane Collaboration: 1; Cochrane Editorial Unit: 1; Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs): 53; Fields: 11; Methods Groups: 16. There are also 14 Centres (some with specific Branches). Links to their individual websites can be found here.

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