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CENTRAL clean-up – March Issue3 2014 (Published & released to The Cochrane Library  started processing on 31st March 2014)

The records published in the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) have undergone a “cleanup”. Metaxis, the company that compiles CENTRAL on behalf of Cochrane and delivers the records to Wiley, ran a series of checks to identify errors and omissions in CENTRAL records and to correct them automatically where possible.  Most records have had at least one field cleaned. Fields that should only contain specific values have also been tidied up (for example the Study Design field should only contain RCT, CCT, ITS or CBA, and the Language field should only contain the ISO language codes). 

An in-depth deduplication check has also taken place which has resulted in 8793 records being merged with other records.

Some examples of the kind of errors fixed are:

  • Fields with clearly incorrect values have been cleared (e.g. MeSH terms in a Year field or Keywords in a URL field)
  • Titles all in upper case (capital letters) have been converted to sentence case
  • Page numbers have been changed to the abbreviated format  (e.g. 687-90 not 687-690)
  • The values in the Study Design field have been restricted to RCT, CCT, ITS and CBA
  • Language field values have been converted to ISO 639 codes (e.g. eng not English)
  • Pubmed IDs checked (some Pubmed IDs were pointing at incorrect Pubmed records)
  • URLs checked for valid structure (e.g. http://www....) and incorrect URLs removed
  • DOI checked for valid structure (e.g. 10.1111/papr.12013) and incorrect DOIs removed
  • Journal names have been converted to NLM journal authority list format (e.g. “Lancet Neurol” converted to “Lancet neurology”)
  • MeSH terms have been checked against the current (2014) thesaurus and errors corrected

A full report will be made available once the project is finalised.   



If you do experience a MeSH search issue, which you would like to have investigated, or if you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact or for account managed customers please contact your Wiley Account Manager. 

CENTRAL - Processing this entire database is ongoing and search results and records may be inaccurate until loading is completed. 

GIV data analysis graphical display for Reviews fail to contain the information in the original source material. - Wiley are investigating and will report the findings to the Cochrane Editorial Unit.

Forest Plots - Weight % column missing from the forest plots.

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